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Trucking industry plays an important role in Vietnam economy. Every single day, thousands of businesses in Vietnam, are taking on a great risk to make sure they find the right trucking partners on time for their freights.

SMEs have to pay a big time for each load shipped, not from where it is to where it’s at, but as a rounded trip. This is not only expensive but causes congestion and pollution as well. Truck drivers are waiting on the middlemen to find them loads on the way back and usually drive home empty as a consequence. The trucking industry has long yearned for a better solution.

LOGIVAN started with a simple idea, to bring all truck drivers and freight owners to a marketplace that offers a central platform to connect them directly. In doing so, it is able to optimize the trucks’ routes and reduce their empty load return rates. There are a lot of costly inefficiencies in Vietnam’s fragmented logistics industry, and LOGIVAN’s purpose is to tackle that pain point by digitizing Vietnam’s trucking industry.

Founded by Linh Pham, a former Goldman Sachs technology analyst and Cambridge University graduate (majoring in entrepreneurship and psychology), LOGIVAN was built from the real sweats and pains from her early years working at a manufacturing factory for her family business in Vietnam. “Logistics accounts for 25 percent of Vietnam’s GDP. In Singapore, it is only 8 percent,” says Ms Pham.

Once spotted the problem of empty truck returns, which is “extremely painful for transportation cost, wasteful and damaging to the environment”, LOGIVAN morphed the simple ideas into a real business. A bridge between businesses seeking trucking partners and the truck drivers looking for more business opportunities to thrive from their resources.

Vietnam’s logistics market is an ocean of opportunity and should be of interconnectivity, inclusivity and transparency. Now, there is a wide recognition of the sharing economy in the population from Uber and Grab penetration in the local C2C transportation market. There is no better time to empower these values than now to create a sharing and collaborative community powered by technology within which everybody thrives and transport at ease.

B2B transportation doesn’t have to be complicated. We want, to finally make freight transportation simple and straightforward for our partners. LOGIVAN has always been a labour love, not only for us, but we want it is for our partners also.

It is with great excitement, LOGIVAN is proud to secure funding US$600K from Insignia Ventures Partners of Yinglan Tan, former Sequoia partner in Southeast Asia. We believe to choose to receive funding from the organization which is in line with our values and allow us to develop the product and scale our team and ambition to roll out our services to all parts of Vietnam.

With a young, growing product and seed funding under our belt, we look forward to helping bring about positive change at every level of our supply chain – from direct suppliers all the way back to the truck drivers. Today, we live among local expertise network and work hard to push for faster and more efficient delivery of finding the right rucks and loads at the right time for our partners.

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