Marketing Executive

Company Information:

LOGIVAN is a $7.4m venture-funded start-up in the logistics space.  Our real-time app-based solution is transforming the way people book trucks, moving Vietnam’s economy forward and most importantly improving the lives of our 20,000 truck drivers.  LOGIVAN offers you the chance to be a part of a dynamic team and use your skills to build a part of Vietnam’s future.


LOGIVAN has already won a number of awards, for example best start-up at RISE, Asia’s largest tech conference and the UBER Exchange programme to meet UBER CTO Thuan Pham.  We have appeared in more than 50 TV and media appearances, including Forbes, Tech in Asia, E27, VTV and Business Insider.  But this is only the beginning. With you in marketing, we could go so much further.


LOGIVAN is looking for marketing executives to lead growth into a major player in the market.  We are currently growing at 50% per month and need dynamic marketers to keep up the momentum.  The successful candidate will have a relevant degree and relevant practical marketing experience.  It will be an advantage to be starting to develop expertise in one particular marketing medium, for example digital, offline, press/PR or branding, or to be starting to take on managerial responsibilities.  Prior experience in a fast growing start-up would help you be a great cultural fit for LOGIVAN.


Your Role:

You will be joining the marketing department and leading the way forward with our marketing effort.  You will report to one of our marketing managers.


As a marketing executive you will be responsible for the following tasks:


  • Generating innovative ideas for marketing campaigns
  • Co-operating with your team members to take on tasks you are well-suited to
  • Taking ownership of your part of every project
  • Keeping to deadlines and delivering consistently good work
  • Tracking the progress of your projects by monitoring all relevant KPIs
  • Acting quickly where there is below expected performance to find and solve the issue
  • Communicating clearly to allow the team to function smoothly
  • Helping train other members of the team in areas where you have more expertise
  • Building and maintaining a strong culture of great team morale, cohesiveness and high-performance


Essential Skills & Experience:

  • A relevant university degree
  • Practical experience in a professional marketing environment
  • Great people skills and capability to work in an ambitious team
  • Experience across a number of marketing areas including digital, offline, press/PR and branding
  • Some area of specialism within marketing is an advantage
  • The ability to work on multiple projects simultaneously
  • Being numbers driven, testing the progress of all campaigns against targets and expected performance
  • The ability to thrive in a fast-paced start up environment
  • An innovative and creative approach to problem solving
  • Experience with design, art, graphics, photography or videography is an advantage
  • Working knowledge of English language is an advantage



Salary: VND 9m – 18m / month

Bonuses: Cash performance-linked bonus and stock options

Job Location: Based in either Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City

Marketing Executive
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Position: Marketing Executive

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Marketing Executive
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Employment Type
Full time
Job Location
Hồ Chí Minh - Hà Nội
Base Salary
9m vnd - 18m vnd