Terms of use

I. General principles

www.logivan.com is a website that provides connection and information exchange services between people who need goods and who needs trucks by LOGIVAN Vietnam Technology Co., Ltd, and operated by LGV Transport Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as LOGIVAN).

Service form is to provide a connection service between the person who needs to deliver goods and the logistics company.

This principle applies to registered users and provides transport services on www.logivan.com. Traders, organizations and individuals participating in www.logivan.com are free to agree on the basis of respecting the legitimate rights and interests of the parties to use and providing services through contracts, not contrary with legal regulations.

II. General rules

1. Web

Website name: LOGIVAN

Domain name: LOGIVAN.COM

2. Definition

  • Order: Is information of goods posted by Shippers.
  • Shipper: Is the person who posted the request to transport goods, which may be the owner of the goods or the representative.
  • Truck owner: A person who views the order information, is able to carry out shipping requests for the Shippers. He may own a transport vehicle or be an authorized representative.
  • Price quote: Is the price of goods transporting including service charges or not other than transport such as loading and unloading goods according to the requirements stated in the order. price quotes are usually not VAT included.
  • Notice: is the notice of LOGIVAN relating to the use of the system, introduction and promotion of trading activities, information between Shippers and Truck owners (if any)
    Membership: including Shippers (transport service users) and Truck owners (transport service providers).
  • LOGINOW: A 5-star rated shipping service, integrated in the LOGIVAN Shippers application. LOGINOW orders will be handled by LOGIVAN as the legal entity that directly coordinate the truck, assign drivers, gives quotation, cargo insurance and handle other issues related to the shipment.
  • Members of logivan.com are traders, organizations and individuals having demand to provide or use services on the website
  • Registered members declare relevant personal information, officially recognized by Logivan.com Management Board and allowed to use the service on www.logivan.com
  • When registering as a member of logivan.com, members understand that:

+ Members can create a personal account to use.

+ Members can use the information and services provided on www.logivan.com

The content of this Regulation complies with the current provisions of Vietnamese law. Members participating in www.logivan.com must find out their legal responsibility for the current laws of Vietnam and commit to comply with the contents of this Regulation.

III. 5 Stars package delivery service - LOGINOW

1. LOGINOW’s target users

All shippers and truck owners who have authenticated accounts on LOGIVAN platform and have not violated any terms and conditions in the process of registering and transporting goods through the LOGIVAN applications.

2. How to use LOGINOW

  • Shipper: Select the LOGINOW service package by filling in the shipment details and confirm the price on the LOGIVAN Shipper application.
  • Truck owner: Select the LOGINOW order that matches your preference on the LOGIVAN Truck owners application.

3. Shipper and Truck owners Requirements

3.1. For Shipper

Post an order on LOGIVAN (either full truckload or less-than-truckload) to use LOGINOW service. If LOGIVAN detects the posted order doesn’t contain factual information, the Shipper account on the LOGIVAN application will be permanently locked and will pay damages (if any) to LOGIVAN and / or the Truck owners in accordance with the provisions of law.

Provide accurate and complete information about the cargo type, size, specifications and / or any specific characteristics of the cargo shipped in the order. Transported goods needs not to be on the restricted list to trade or transport under the provisions of the current law.

3.2. For truck owners

  • Must comply with LOGIVAN’s terms and conditions to use LOGINOW service. If any incident occurs from a separate agreement between the truck owners and the owner without LOGIVAN’s knowing, LOGIVAN shall not be liable for any liability.
  • Ensuring health safety requirements during transportation.

4. Other conditions

  • LOGINOW orders are allowed to be applied with other promotions at the same time (if any).
  • LOGIVAN will update to the shipper and truck owner in case of any changes to the LOGINOW service pack.

IV. Transaction process

1. Process for Shippers (service users)

Describe the steps:

Step 1: Go to the website www.logivan.com

Step 2: Register

Step 3: Login

Step 4: Go to the management screen

Step 5: Create an order

2. Procedures for Truck Owners (transport service providers)

To become a Service Provider on LOGIVAN, truck owners can download LOGIVAN Application for truck owners/drivers at:

iOS: www.logivan.com/xetimhang-ios (Logivan Chủ Hàng mobile application)

Android: www.logivan.com/xetimhang-gglplay (Logivan Chủ Xe mobile application)

The steps are as follows:

- Step 1: Register

- Step 2: Verify phone number

- Step 3: Enter the verification code

- Step 4: Select the route

- Step 5: Enter personal information

- Step 6: Enter vehicle information

- Step 7: Select priority route

- Step 8: Verify account

- Step 9: Receive orders

3. Process to use LOGINOW service

  • Step 1: Log in to LOGIVAN Shipper application
  • Step 2: Verify information (if it is the first time shipper use LOGIVAN Shippers application)
  • Step 3: Fill in the order information (shipping address, pick-up time, type of goods, weight, size, type of vehicle ...) Get a quote
  • Step 4: The system displays LOGINOW quotation. The shipper then accepts and confirms the quotation.
  • Step 5: Payment
  • Step 6: LOGIVAN gives shippers time, loading and unloading places and personnel in charge of consignments.

V. Payment process

1. Payment process between members and LOGIVAN Management Board is free

2. Payment process between the Driver (service provider) and the Shipper (service user)

- Driver and Shipper agree on the form of payment by cash, bank transfer or other forms of payment after the transaction ends.

- For LOGINOW orders

  • With an order value under VND 1,000,000: The owner pays cash directly to LOGIVAN staff at the loading point, before the shipment is shipped.
  • With an order value of 1,000,000 VND or more: Shippers pay LOGIVAN using bank transfer or pay directly on the LOGIVAN Shippers app.

VI. Ensuring transaction safety

www.logivan.com takes necessary measures to protect information (including Truck owners information (transport service provider), order information, information of shippers (transport service users) and transaction information via www.logivan.com) and minimize the risks that may arise to ensure the transactions are conducted smoothly and successfully.

Members absolutely do not use any program, tool or other means to interfere with the system or alter the data structure. Any form of dissemination, or promotion for any activity that interferes with, destroys or violates the www.logivan.com system is strictly prohibited. All violations will be handled according to the Regulations and the provisions of law.

VII. Policy to protect personal information of consumers

Purpose and scope of information collection

To ensure that transactions made successfully and reduce risk can arise and to contact, confirm, guarantee benefits for LOGIVAN members, when registering to use www.logivan.com, Transportation services users must provide initial information including: name, address, phone number, email. For transport service providers, they must provide initial information including: name, address, phone number, email, documents relating to the transport service provider… This information will be expertised and stored in the system.

Members shall be solely responsible for the confidentiality and storage of all use of the service under their registered name, password and e-mail box. In addition, the member is responsible for promptly notifying www.logivan.com of unauthorized use, abuse, security breaches, keeping the third party's registration name and password for suitable solution.

Address of information collection and management unit

LOGIVAN Vietnam Technology Co., Ltd

Address: No.9, 189/2 Giang Vo, Cat Linh Ward, Dong Da District, Hanoi City, Vietnam.

Phone: 02473001828

Email: [email protected]

Scope of use of information

Information gathering aims to:

- Providing services to Members;

- Send notifications about information exchange activities between members and LOGIVAN

- Prevent activities that destroy a member's user account or Membership spoofing activities;

- Contact and solve with members in special cases.

- Do not use personal information of members other than the purpose of confirmation and contact related to transactions at www.logivan.com

- In case of legal requirement: LOGIVAN is responsible for cooperating to provide personal information of members when requested from

Judicial authorities include: Procuracies, courts, police agencies investigating certain law violations of customers. In addition, no one has the right to violate the member's personal information.

Means and tools for users to access and edit their personal data.

Members have the right to self-check, update, adjust or cancel their personal information by logging in to their account and editing personal information or requesting www.logivan.com to do this. Upon receiving these responses, www.logivan.com will confirm the information, be responsible for answering the reason and instructing the member to recover or delete personal information.

People who have access to information

Only members who provide and use the service on LOGIVAN and LOGIVAN management have the right to access the member's personal information on LOGIVAN, and the information is not provided to third parties unless required. Laws include: Procuratorate, court, police agency investigating certain law violations of customers.

Commitment to information security

Personal information of members on www.logivan.com is committed by Logivan to absolute confidentiality under LOGIVAN's personal information protection policy and is not provided to third parties, except as required by law. www.logivan.com is responsible for cooperating to provide personal member information upon request from judicial authorities including:

Procuratorate, court, police agency investigating violations certain laws of customers. In addition, no one has the right to violate the member's personal information. The collection and use of each member's information is only possible with the consent of that customer unless otherwise provided by law.

Time to store information

Personal data of Members will be stored until requested to cancel or self-login and cancel. Remaining in all cases personal member information will be kept confidential on the server of www.logivan.com

Mechanism for receiving and resolving complaints related to personal customer information

Members have the right to submit complaints about disclosure of personal information to third parties to the Management Board of www.logivan.com to the Company address or by email.

Email: [email protected]

The company is responsible for implementing technical and professional measures to verify the reflected content.

The period of time for reflection relating to personal customer information is 15 days

VIII. Hazard information management

Members will be solely responsible for the confidentiality and storage of all uses of the service under their registered names and passwords. The member is responsible for promptly notifying www.logivan.com of unauthorized use, abuse, security breaches, keeping the third party's registration name and password for resolution. fit. Members do not use www.logivan.com services for illegal, unreasonable purposes, frauds, threats, illegal information exploration, vandalism, creation and spread of corrupt viruses harming the system, configuring, transmitting information of www.logivan.com or using its services for the purpose of speculation and market manipulation to create fake orders and offers, including for judging market demand. In case of violation, the member shall be responsible for his / her acts before the law. Members may not alter, modify, assign, copy, disseminate, distribute, provide and create similar tools provided by www.logivan.com to a third party without permission. agree by www.logivan.com in this Regulation. Members must not act to discredit www.logivan.com in any way, such as causing disunity among members by using a second registered name, through a third party or propaganda, spectrum. Turning information is not conducive to the reputation of www.logivan.com.

Types of goods not posted on the website:

- Military weapons, equipment, techniques, military equipment, specialized means of military and police use; military equipment (including badges, insignia, military badges of the army and police), military equipment for the armed forces; Special components, parts, spare parts, supplies and equipment, specialized technologies for manufacturing them.

- Drug substances.

- Chemicals in Table 1 (according to the International Convention).

- Products of reactionary, depraved, superstitious culture or harmful to aesthetic and personality education.

- Types of firecrackers.

- Dangerous toys, toys harmful to the personality education and health of children or to security, social order and safety (including electronic game programs).

- Veterinary drugs and plant protection drugs banned or not yet permitted for use in Vietnam according to the provisions of the Veterinary Ordinance, the Ordinance on Plant Protection and Quarantine.

- Wild plants and animals (including live animals and processed parts) on the list of international treaties to which Vietnam is a member and various rare and precious plants and animals on the list. Prohibit exploitation and use.

- Aquatic products banned from exploitation and aquatic products with toxic residues exceeding permitted limits, and aquatic products with natural toxins which are dangerous to human life.

- Fertilizers are not included in the list of permitted production, trading and use in Vietnam.

- Plant varieties not included in the list of permitted production and business; plant varieties cause harm to production and human health, environment and ecosystems.

- Livestock breeds not on the list of permitted production and business; Livestock breeds are harmful to human health, livestock gene sources, environment and ecosystems.

- Special and toxic minerals.

- Imported waste causing pollution to the environment.

- Types of medicines for human use, types of vaccines, medical bio-products, cosmetics, chemicals and insecticidal and germicidal preparations in the domestic and medical domains, which are not yet permitted for use in Vietnam.

- Types of medical equipment not yet permitted for use in Vietnam.

- Food additives, food processing aids, micronutrients, functional foods, high-risk foods, food preserved by irradiation, genetically modified food not yet permitted by competent state agencies

- Products and materials containing asbestos of amfibole group.

Services banned from sale, banned from posting on the website:

- Trading in prostitution, organizing prostitution, trafficking in women and children.

- Organizing gambling, silverware in any form.

- Secret investigation services infringing upon the interests of the state, legitimate rights and interests of organizations and individuals.

- Marriage brokerage business with foreign elements aimed at making profits.

- Brokerage business activities to receive fathers, mothers and children, and adopt children with foreign elements in order to make a profit.

Responsibilities of owners of cars according to the law on transportation:

Having a business license for transportation by car for business types requiring a license. Application for a trucking business license and complying with legal regulations on transportation.

IX. Responsibility in case of technical error arises

LOGIVAN is committed to making efforts to ensure the safety and stability of the entire technical system. However, in the event of a fault caused by LOGIVAN, LOGIVAN will immediately apply measures to ensure benefits for members. When performing transactions on the floor, it is imperative that the members comply with the instructions. Www.logivan.com management board is committed to providing the best quality of service for participants. If a technical error, software error or other objective error arises, the Member cannot participate in the transaction, the members notify LOGIVAN Management via email address: [email protected], we will fix the error as soon as possible, enabling Members to participate in www.logivan.com floor. However, LOGIVAN Management Board will not be responsible for resolving in case the notice of members does not reach the Management Board, arising from technical errors, transmission errors, software or other errors not caused by the Board management.

X. Rights and responsibilities of LOGIVAN Management Board


- All intellectual property rights that exist on www.logivan.com are owned by LOGIVAN Vietnam Technology Co., Ltd. Accordingly, all legal rights are guaranteed. LOGIVAN reserves the right to add, modify, delete any information, or delete accounts for members who seriously violate the regulations of LOGIVAN as well as change the interface, functions and contents of this website including any item without notice. Unless having the consent from LOGIVAN, members are not allowed to upload, send, publish, reproduce, transmit or distribute in any way any component of the website or create revisions. of content provided in LOGIVAN.


- Ensure conditions for the website to operate stably, in case of system error, it should inform the members and quickly fix the error.

- Prevent and remove from the website the service information on the list of goods and services banned from business in accordance with the law and goods restricted from business.

- Remove from the website the information of counterfeit, counterfeit goods, smuggled goods, goods infringing intellectual property rights and other goods and services that violate the law when detecting or receiving a valid determination real about this information.

- Requesting people to post information and services on the list of goods / services subject to conditions on their website must provide a certificate of business eligibility for such goods / services (in case The law requires a certificate of business eligibility).

- When there is a change in one of the contents of the service provider, must notify all users of the website at least 5 days before applying those changes.

- Request organizations and individuals who are service providers on the website to provide information on the name and address of the head office of the individual or organization or the name and permanent address of the individual.

- There is a mechanism for inspection and supervision to ensure the supply of information of the seller on the website is done accurately and completely.

- Store registration information of organizations and individuals participating in the website and regularly update relevant changes and additional information.

- Apply necessary measures to ensure the safety of information related to business secrets of organizations, individuals and personal information of consumers.

- Take measures to handle in time when detecting or receiving reflections on acts of violating business law on e-commerce trading floor.

- Supporting state management agencies in investigating acts of law violations, providing registration information, transaction history and other documents on subjects of law violation on the delivery floor e-commerce translation.

- Publicize the mechanism to resolve disputes arising in the transaction process on the website.

XI. Rights and responsibilities of members using and providing services on LOGIVAN

Rights and responsibilities for members who are goods owners


- When registering to become a member of LOGIVAN and agreed by LOGIVAN and activating the account, the member will be traded on www.logivan.com

- Each member will be given a unique username and password to use in making sales and management transactions via LOGIVAN

- Members will be instructed to use the tools and features for conducting transactions, managing transactions and using other utility services on LOGIVAN

- Members have the right to contribute comments to LOGIVAN during the operation. Proposals sent directly by mail, fax, phone, email or other channels that are not contrary to LOGIVAN


- Provide full and accurate information for individuals and organizations providing services on the website when registering to use the service.

- Provide full information on goods / services when posting needs or providing services on www.logivan.com

- Ensure the accuracy and truthfulness of information on goods and services provided on www.logivan.com

- Provide information about their business situation at the request of competent state agencies to serve e-commerce statistics activities.

- Complying with the law on payment, advertising, promotion, protection of intellectual property rights, consumer rights protection and other relevant provisions of law when providing the above services. E-commerce trading floor.

- Do not post information about goods / services on the list of restricted and banned businesses such as Decree 59/2015 / ND-CP

- Fully comply with tax obligations in accordance with the law.

Rights and responsibilities of vehicle owners


- When registering to become a member of LOGIVAN and agreed by LOGIVAN and activating the account, the member will be traded on www.logivan.com

- Each member will be given a unique username and password to use in making sales and management transactions via LOGIVAN

- Members will be instructed to use the tools and features for conducting transactions, managing transactions and using other utility services on LOGIVAN

- Members have the right to contribute comments to LOGIVAN during the operation. Proposals sent directly by mail, fax, phone, email or other channels that are not contrary to LOGIVAN


Transport service providers must perform the same responsibilities as the Transport Service Users mentioned above, in addition to complying with the regulations on freight cars as follows:

- Transporting goods by truck taxi is the use of cars with a tonnage of 1,500 kilograms or less to transport goods and freight hirers pay for driving according to the car meter. The outer sides of the car or the door of the car are labeled "LOADING TAXI", contact phone number, business unit name.

- Trading in super-long and super-weight cargo transportation:

+ Business of transporting super-sized and super-weight goods is the use of cars suitable for transporting goods of which each package has the size or weight exceeding the prescribed but cannot be removed;

+ When transporting super-sized and super-weighted goods, drivers must bring circulation permits issued by competent agencies.

- Business of transporting dangerous goods is the use of cars to transport goods containing dangerous substances when transporting may cause harm to human life, health, environment, safety and National security. Transporting dangerous goods must have dangerous goods transport permits granted by competent agencies.

- Business of goods transport by container is the use of tractors pulling trailers, semi-trailers to transport containers.

- Ordinary cargo transportation business is a form of cargo transport business in addition to other forms of transport business.

- The cargo transport business unit is responsible for placing goods on cars according to the regulations of the Ministry of Transport.

- Provincial-level People's Committees shall formulate and announce plannings on car terminals and goods delivery and receipt points in their localities.

XII. Identify responsibilities between parties

Disputes arising during the transaction process on www.logivan.com will be negotiated by the parties, in case it cannot be solved, it should be resolved by the competent authority in accordance with the law. If the error belongs to the Owner (Service Provider), the owner must be responsible for compensating the Owner (Service User).

LOGIVAN only acts as a third party to receive complaints and provide relevant information. The process of supporting dispute settlement is as follows:

- Step 1: Member is the goods owner (transport service user) to complain about the service of the vehicle owner (transport service provider) via email.

- Step 2: The Customer Care Department of www.logivan.com will receive complaints, depending on the nature and extent of the complaint, LOGIVAN will have specific measures to support the Customer to resolve paintings
accept that.

- Step 3: www.logivan.com will collect and transfer information to both parties so that the owner and the owner can agree on the dispute settlement.

- Step 4: In the school outside the ability and competence of www.logivan.com, the case will be brought to the competent state agency to settle under the law.

For orders using LOGINOW service package, LOGIVAN is the unit that directly provides the service to the shipper. Therefore for all disputes and complaints arises in the shipment, LOGIVAN is directly responsible to resolve the issue with the shipper on negotiation basis. In case of non-negotiation, LOGIVAN and the shipper will bring to the authorities for settlement according to the provisions of law.


LOGIVAN's regulations are effective from the date of posting on the website www.logivan.com

In case of changing the content of the regulation to ensure the purpose and operation of the website, the Management Board will announce on the website. The amended Regulation takes effect from the effective date of the Decision on the amendment of the Regulation. The continued use of the service by the member after the revised Regulation has been implemented and implemented means that this revised Regulation has been accepted.


LOGIVAN is committed to complying with the regulations and responsibilities stated in the Operational Regulation.

LOGIVAN is committed to complying with the regulations and responsibilities stated in the Operational Regulation. All members and partners use the LOGIVAN application, which means that the parties have agreed to follow this clause.

Any questions please contact us at the information below to be answered:

Official contacts: www.logivan.com

Website / application providing e-commerce services

LOGIVAN Vietnam Technology Co., Ltd

Business registration number: 0108054755 issued by Hanoi Department of Planning and Investment on September 27, 2018.

Address: No.9, 189/2 Giang Vo, Cat Linh Ward, Dong Da District, Hanoi City, Vietnam

Tel: 0333.13.16.18

Email: [email protected]

Hotline: 02473001828