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For Shippers

LOGIVAN answers questions about our applications and services for shippers

LOGIVAN is a technology platform that connects shippers and truck owners directly, helping businesses optimise costs and time for logistics needs.
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Visit: or download LOGIVAN Shipper App
Follow guided steps to finish creating an account with LOGIVAN

Using LOGIVAN is completely free for both Shippers and Truck Owners.

Our network of transport partners currently has many types of vehicles, ranging from 1.25 to 30 tons, from simple loading trucks to containers.

Enter the picking and unloading points, select the type of vehicle, and complete the shipment information to receive LOGIVAN's freight estimates.

LOGIVAN has a system of truck drivers shipping goods at provincial, inter-provincial and North-South routes.
With an LOGIVAN account, you can make trucking request in any province in Vietnam, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

There are 2 ways to make payments:

Method 1: deposit payment via LOGIVAN Shippers App, and you will receive the best, secure and transparent freight rates.
Method 2: pay directly to the truck owner, LOGIVAN does not act or collect any intermediate fees.

For Truck Owners

LOGIVAN answers all questions about service and application to search orders for truck owners.

LOGIVAN is a technology and application platform that helps connect truck owners and shippers.

As a truck owner, you will use a your own truck or your partner's truck to carry the goods on demand. You directly connect to the Shipper right after completing the driver account registration and viewing the order.

You can register to drive with LOGIVAN application on your smartphone.
Download the driver application from the link below. As a truck owner, you will be able to access the requirements of finding cars and quotes quickly with the support of LOGIVAN via the application and directly by the LOGIVAN team. You will quote and close the deal directly with the Shipper.
We will provide all you need to find the right order and trade in the most efficient way!

Method 1:
Download the app for iOS (IPhone): Visit the App Store, search for LOGIVAN application and install now
Download the application for Android (Samsung, Oppo, Asus, HTC, ...): Access Google Play, search for LOGIVAN application truck owners and install immediately

Method 2: Click on the following link to be forwarded directly to LOGIVAN download link on the market, suitable for all phones (Android or iOS):

Having trouble installing LOGIVAN application, contact us immediately at Hotline: 0333 13 16 18

Upload basic authentication documents:
- ID card (front)
- Driver's license (front)
- Vehicle registration (two inside pages, clear images, vehicle information, and stamp of the authorities) or Vehicle registration (rear view with full vehicle information and license plates)

If you are a transport business, you need to upload:
- Business registration certificate (page 1)
- Transportation business license (page 1)

When you upload photos, make sure:
- Photos of original documents or notarized copies
- Photo paper is clear, not blurred, flaring
- All content is easy to read
- See all 4 corners of the paper

The process of reviewing uploaded documents is usually done by LOGIVAN within 24 hours.

You can get help from LOGIVAN's support team.
Contact information:
- Hotline: 0333 13 16 18
- Email: [email protected]

If you have trouble connecting to the shippers, contact LOGIVAN immediately to report problems with the shippers.

With the desire to bring quality and safe LOGIVAN experience to all customers and partners, these basic rules are designed to ensure that shippers and drivers will always have a convenient transaction when connected via LOGIVAN. Because whether you are the shipper who wants to find the right truck at the best price - or as a partner who wants to increase income while driving - your behavior can make a difference.

Using LOGIVAN is free for both Shippers and Truck Owners.

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