Our Crew

We overcome difficulties to bring our solutions to all small businesses and shippers, who have not received the best service and prices from traditional transport businesses.
At the same time, we also hope to become a stable income source and active finance for hundreds thousands of independent truck owners and small transport businesses lacking competitive advantage in the market.
We believe we can do it, and we believe in our mission.

Linh Pham CEO

We are changing the life of truck owners and bringing logistics 4.0 to Vietnamese market. We are proud of our achievements.

Long Vu Head of Sales

LOGIVAN team is gradually making efforts to reinnovate the transport industry. It is the customer success stories that inspired me, pushing myself to improve our product.

Dr. David Salt, MBA Head of HR

It's really interesting to work at LOGIVAN. Each team member brings new skills, new knowledge and new energy sources. If you like challenges, apply now!

Nam Le Head of Operations

There are thousands of trucks running empty every day. Solving this problem will not only increase revenue for truck owners but also help reduce pollution and traffic jams for society. And that is LOGIVAN's vision.

Minh Truong Head of Marketing

It's great when your work brings good things to life. At LOGIVAN our goal is to bring a competitive advantage to businesses and improve the life of truck drivers.

Mark Nguyen, CFA Head of Finance

Working at a technology start-up like LOGIVAN is very different from normal businesses. Everything changes quickly, giving you the opportunity to be fast and creative.

Kien Nguyen Director of Engineering

With the goal of revolutionizing the transport industry, LOGIVAN aims to build a powerful technology organization using the most advanced techniques possible, with the most important core factor – human being.

Khanh Nguyen Head of Product

I never believe in the statement "I know how to create new things." If you do what is really pioneering for a long time, no one knows what to do exactly. So the best thing for me at LOGIVAN is to focus on personal learning and development. When you are well-equipped, you can do anything.

Anh Tran, PhD Data Science Lead

LOGIVAN has endless data sources from truck journey throughout Vietnam. Efficiently tapping this data source is a challenge and opportunity for LOGIVAN.