• APPLE: An AI-based pricing system at LOGIVAN
  • CEO LOGIVAN – Linh Pham discuss on panel Vietnam Ventures Summit 2019
  • Find Shipment Faster For Truck Owners
  • From potatoes to disrupting Vietnam logistics with Technology & AI
  • LOGIVAN Announces its Latest US$5.5 Million Round From Prominent Angel Investors
  • LOGIVAN donates VNĐ 300,000,000 for our truck drivers in the BINH AN FOUNDATION
  • LOGIVAN Truck Owners – Register to Find Shipments Faster
  • NAGASE & LOGIVAN collaboration project receives funding from Japanese government to advance Vietnam’s logistics infrastructure and network
  • The Importance of Truck Drivers
  • Using face-recognition algorithm to power recommendations in the logistics business

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    APPLE: An AI-based pricing system at LOGIVAN

    Pricing Lots of things come with fixed prices. For example, Burger King’s large French fries cost $2.39 everywhere in America. Or EyesPhone. For details, you can see the table below. Seems legit. Or not. Evaluation, simply pricing, is difficult. It…

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