• APPLE: An AI-based pricing system at LOGIVAN
  • CEO LOGIVAN – Linh Pham discuss on panel Vietnam Ventures Summit 2019
  • Find Shipment Faster For Truck Owners
  • From potatoes to disrupting Vietnam logistics with Technology & AI
  • LOGIVAN Announces its Latest US$5.5 Million Round From Prominent Angel Investors
  • LOGIVAN donates VNĐ 300,000,000 for our truck drivers in the BINH AN FOUNDATION
  • LOGIVAN Truck Owners – Register to Find Shipments Faster
  • The Importance of Truck Drivers
  • Using face-recognition algorithm to power recommendations in the logistics business

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    APPLE: An AI-based pricing system at LOGIVAN

    Pricing Lots of things come with fixed prices. For example, Burger King’s large French fries cost $2.39 everywhere in America. Or EyesPhone. For details, you can see the table below. Seems legit. Or not. Evaluation, simply pricing, is difficult. It…

    The Importance of Truck Drivers

    Recently thanks to being one of the main beneficiaries of the trade war, Vietnam has experienced the highest first 9 months growth rate in 10 years. We are in such a golden opportunity for economic growth: a young population, a dynamic,…

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