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Published by: LOGIVAN Published on: 26/02/2019

After more than 15 months, Application LOGIVAN Truck Owner have attracted more than 22,000 transport partners across 63 provinces and cities. With simple registration and authentication methods, LOGIVAN is increasingly improving and upgrading applications, providing the fastest search experience for truck owners.

Application to find shipments faster – LOGIVAN Truck Owner

Currently, the driver has many difficulties in finding shipments. Small truck owners often use their phones to contact their existing contacts. However, this method has not been effective and those acquaintances are not always the shippers.

To solve the fragmentation of the market, LOGIVAN has brought a solution to optimize operation – technology. With the goal of erasing the worry about truck returning empty problems, LOGIVAN – Truck Owners has directly connected drivers with shippers and owners of businesses nationwide.

Through LOGIVAN – Truck Owner application, drivers are supported to find orders that match their regular running routes as well as to select suitable items for the type of vehicle owned.

Register for LOGIVAN – Truck Owner application

Application to find shipments faster – LOGIVAN Truck Owner are supported on both iOS and Android operating systems. To start using, you can click download right here.

After registering by phone number, you need to upload the following documents to become a transport partner of LOGIVAN’s network :

  1. ID card (front side)
  2. Driver’s license (front)
  3. Vehicle registration (two inside pages, clear images, vehicle information, and stamp of the authorities) or Vehicle inspection (rear view with full vehicle information and license plates)

If you are a transport business, you need to upload:

  1. Business registration certificate (page 1)
  2. Transportation business license (page 1)

When you upload photos, make sure:

– Photos of original documents or notarized copies
– Photo paper is clear, not blurred, flaring
– All content is easy to read
– See all 4 corners of the paper

The process of reviewing uploaded documents is usually done by LOGIVAN within 24 hours.

Find shipments faster – LOGIVAN Truck Owner

Become a LOGIVAN Truck Owner, you will be connected with hundreds of new orders updated every day. With 3 simple steps, the driver can click to send a quote to the owner and receive the trip as soon as the shipping cost is negotiated.

Step 1: Start registering the driver account
Step 2: View order information
Step 3: Price quotation and order receipt

Transparency and efficiency, LOGIVAN is trying every day to bring the most orders, helping drivers to increase their income by 30%, no longer worry about truck returning empty problems.

To experience find shipments faster with LOGIVAN – Truck Owner, you can read more details here.

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