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We offer technology solution to help connect truck owners directly with shipments nationwide. LOGIVAN contributes to reducing and removing truck returning empty problems and seek to increase 30% income for truck owners.

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How LOGIVAN works

Yêu cầu là có đơn
Always have orders
Thoải mái chọn chuyến hàng
Choose the trip that fits your route
Tăng 30% thu nhập
Increase your income by 30%

To keep the shipments secure and fast

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Confirm the freight and cargo owner info

Ensure correct delivery information and type of freight to be delivered. Don't forget to check the quantity and quality of the freight to match the order information before loading them into your vehicle.

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Discuss with the cargo owner before shipping

Discuss carefully with the cargo owner about special requirements when shipping the freight. Carry on all necessary documents along with you during the trip.

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Considerate and devoted

Keep a positive attitude and, if possible, help cargo owner load and unload the freight. Your attitude will help to make the cargo owner satisfied with the trip and thus encourage them to order more trips with you in the future.

Freight lost or damaged?

Contact LOGIVAN immediately for assistance
Hotline: 0333 131618