A technology solution to help businesses directly connect with the network of transport partners nationwide.
LOGIVAN is always ready to provide all your needs of shipping and managing trucks with the best prices.

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How LOGIVAN works

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For your secure and fast shipment

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Confirm the correct driver and vehicle info

Make sure your freight is shipped by the right driver and his suitable vehicle. Before loading, check if the vehicle and driver information matches the information displayed on LOGIVAN app.

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Discuss with the driver before shipping

Share with the driver your special requirements before transporting. Don't forget to provide the necessary documents to the driver to ensure the shipment is done properly.

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Continuously check your shipment

Through the online management page, track the journey of your shipper and freight. All information will be updated regularly in real time and it will give you a peace of mind.

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Confirm the freight has been delivered safely

Before payment, please make sure the freight has been delivered safely to the correct destination. A thorough inspection and confirmation with the driver about the goods delivered will be an important information for resolving problems that may arise later.

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Rate your shipper

Leave a review of your driver after each trip. Your feedback will help LOGIVAN improve and leverage our transportation services, giving the best experience to future customers.

Lost of damaged freight?

Contact LOGIVAN for assistance
Hotline: 0333 131618