LOGIVAN donates VNĐ 300,000,000 for our truck drivers in the BINH AN FOUNDATION

Published by: LOGIVAN Published on: 23/06/2019

In May 2019, with the purpose of accompanying our heavy-truck drivers around the whole nation, LOGIVAN Technology Company Ltd., launched “LOGIVAN Binh An Foundation” to donate the first VND 300,000,000 for our heavey-truck drivers.

LOGIVAN donates VNĐ 300,000,000

From Sympathy to Action

Everyday, drivers are moving on the North – South to carry and delivery every shipment. They always have their own stories that not everyone understands. A driver’s life is closely associated with his car with much worries.

It’s not only the story about earning income, but also the story about how drivers have to work non-stop to satisfy their clients.

However, that doesn’t mean everyone understand the driver’s hardship and devotion. There are plenty of unexpected incidents such accidents, injuries at work, natural disasters, floods, work risks, that they cannot share with anyone.

LOGIVAN currently has a network of up to 40,000 drivers, with a variety of cargo vehicles, such as container trucks, convertible trucks, refrigerated trucks, container tractors, super-sized and super-heavy vehicles, etc. Our drivers are not “hired workers”, but they are our strategic partners, which depicts as LOGIVAN’s one of the most important values.

LOGIVAN not only strives to carry out the mission “no truck will never run empty”, but LOGIVAN also tries to accompany drivers to drive on every kilometer, in every step of life.

With that in mind, LOGIVAN Technology Company has launched the LOGIVAN Binh An Foundation with the first donationVND 300 millions, to support and share difficulties with those drivers who needed.

Companionship – Sharing

LOGIVAN always wishes to receive the support and companionship of all customers and partners on the journey “of peace” for drivers. Anyone who has met and known any families who are in trouble or in need of help, please contact LOGIVAN as soon as possible.

The hotline 0333 13 16 18 is always ready to receive all your contributions and information. Let’s join hands to share this information to all the truck drivers, cargo-container drivers, and families to share and spread the love!


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