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Published by: LOGIVAN Published on: 26/02/2019

With the strong development of the domestic trade market, the demand for transporting partners of shippers is increasing. However, truck owners do not have access to the sources of goods. LOGIVAN launched a fast finding shipment app for truck owners with the mission of connecting directly, transparently and effectively.

Demand to find cargo of truck owners 

Currently, Vietnam’s logistics costs are at a high level compared to other countries in the region, accounting for 21% of the country’s GDP in 2017. One of the reasons is that 70% of all trucks are empty returned, even though the demand for small and medium-sized shippers is increasing.

As the truck owners, with many worries, it is always difficult to try to get the most shipments to increasing income for themselves.

Fast finding shipment app for truck owners

In order to contribute to solving the above problems, LOGIVAN Co., Ltd. launched technology products to find fast shipment LOGIVAN – Truck Owner. With the main purpose of connecting directly truck owners with shippers, the truck owners can find shipments that are suitable for the type of truck and running route in the fastest way. LOGIVAN – Truck Owner’s transport partner network has had 22,000 registered and used truck owners only one year after the launch. Not only truck owners, but also the application supports searching orders for truck owners, tank trucks owners, super-sized, super-weight cargo vehicles, etc.


Step 1: Register by phone number

Step 2: See orders list & suggest the most suitable order

Step 3: Rate quote for shippers & receive order 

Once registered and verified eligible, the truck owners can immediately receive the information of the shipments that suits them. With 13,000 shippers on the system, shipments will always be updated every day, bringing a variety of choices and quick response to the demand for truck owners.

Benefits from LOGIVAN – Truck Owner is to find shipment fast for truck owners

Become a technology truck owner, you will get the following benefits:

– The transport connection application is completely free. The truck owner does not have to pay any cost of using LOGIVAN – Truck Owner.

– Support to find orders quickly, evaluated can increase 30% of income for truck owner.

– The truck owners will be able to proactively quote and negotiate transportation costs with the owner. You can call directly or text a quote to the system to close the order.

– LOGIVAN is committed to protecting your security, not using it for any other business activities or linking with third parties without your consent.

Customer care switchboard is always ready to assist you with the application and process of shipping shipment.

To become a transport partner and find more orders for yourself, download LOGIVAN – Truck Owners right now in here

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