CEO LOGIVAN – Linh Pham discuss on panel Vietnam Ventures Summit 2019

Published by: Toan Published on: 24/06/2019

On June 10, 2019 in Hanoi, the Ministry of Planning and Investment cooperated with the Ministry of Science and Technology and Golden Gate Ventures Investment Fund to organize Vietnam Ventures Summit 2019. Conference is an opportunity to connect Vietnamese startups with large international  investors.

LOGIVAN and Vietnam ventures summit 2019

This two-day conference started in Hanoi with a policy focus day, to which more than 200 politicians and government staff were invited. The policy focus day was to facilitate knowledge sharing between government and startups, so the Government can introduce policies that help innovative startups like LOGIVAN, and the companies can learn about the requirements to follow when building up a new business. Head of Finance Mark Nguyen attended to join in the debate.

Then in Ho Chi Minh City on June 12, 2019, the conference continued with an investor-focussed day. 150 investors took part in panel discussions and listened to startups pitching, looking for the best opportunities. CEO Linh Pham was invited to an on-stage panel discussion about raising funding from international investors.

As the entrepreneur with the most experience of raising foreign investment, Linh shared LOGIVAN’s experience of raising from  international investment funds (Insignia, Ethos, Alpha JWC, Vinacapital and David Su) with the attendees.

A major investment deal was announced at the conference, with VinaCapital backing Property Tech startup REVER in a $4m deal; competitor Propzy received a smaller $1.4m deal from Korean investors DT&I fund.

Also at the conference was another startup in the logistics sector, ecotruck – a company that is searching for investors. Whilst trucking is a huge industry with room for many strong companies, this reminds us that there are already determined competitors. We need to continually raise our performance to stay ahead of challengers.

LOGIVAN and Techfest 2019

TECH TALENT FEST 2019 is a large-scale programming technology event taking place on Online and Offline platform organized by TopDev, helping connect IT candidates with employers. The program has the participation of many employers in the technology sector such as Zalo, Rudicaf, VN Pay, Line, VinID, etc.

On June 14, 2019 was TechTalentfest in Hanoi, and a number of LOGINEERS attended to promote the company. From the HR team, Hong Bui, Linh Tran and An Nguyen attended to run a booth and spent time talking with interested engineers.

Engineering Manager Kien Do was invited to speak on the topic “Product hay Outsource”. Kien shared his experience to help young engineers choose the next step of their career.

Among the advice that he shared was that working at a product company like LOGIVAN provides the opportunity to deep-dive into a particular tech stack, and develop a much deeper expertise in some areas of specialisation.

Also, by working on one product over a longer period of time, an engineer can learn much more about the end users, and therefore deliver much more value to the end users than a typical outsource engineer could.



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